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Stucco and More

28 Aug

Well were coming down to the wire. Only 10 more days until move in! So very excited!

It’s about time the stucco guys got the job going. They’ve been giving us headaches!



The backyard grating and wall building still continues. Darin and Tim decided to work on it last weekend, and got caught in a HUGE thunder, lightening and downpour. I was sure someone was going to get zapped! It even hailed during the storm! The yard turned into a giant mud puddle thus ending work on the outdoor projects for the day.



17 Aug

The Septic Company we hired bailed on us for Septic Install. Construction is so busy in CO right now we couldn’t find another company who could get us in without delaying us by months. So Darin took the state exam and passed! He’s now a certified septic installer! We hit groundwater at about 6 feet down, so we have a weighted tank and had to use a sump pump to keep the water out so we could place the tank!


Septics are a lot of work… this may be Darin’s first and last install… 



July Progress

1 Aug


Still Waiting for Stucco, but the front kitchen courtyard area is starting to take shape. July has been full of moving rock and dirt. The well cistern took a BIG hole! Thanks Darin, Cody and Jeremy!


It’s great to see some finish work start. This week we’ve had our tile guys, masons, stucco, and cabinet installers! 



We’ve got roughly 5-6 weeks left! We can’t wait to get back into our house. The big thing now is the Septic Install. We have no plumbing in the house until that’s finished. Darin is tackling that one himself. He took the test, and passed 🙂 and is now licensed and certified to do Septics! More dirt work, OH MY! Pictures to follow on that next week 🙂