11 Oct

Darin, Dan and Ryan get huge huge huge kudos for managing to pull off the impossible and 4 weeks after a flood have the entire yard not only back to where it was before the water came through, but WAY ahead! It started 7 days ago on Thursday the 3rd when Darin said about 4:30 let’s go pick up those Oaks you bought. It’s going to rain tomorrow and we should get them in…. turns out that meant get them into the ground in the dark and in the rain!


That night we got our first snow… but our new Oak stood tall. I still don’t know how we got it so straight in the dark!


Once you have a tree, you have to finish! Over the next 7 days Darin, Dan and Ryan installed sprinkler systems, all the edging, all weed barrier, the mulch beds and rock retaining walls to finish up everything around the house. Finally, today, a mud free zone to take the dogs out in! Just in time for a huge rain tonight! Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about the sod staying moist!




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