First Steps

14 Feb

What exactly are we doing buying this house? That is a question that ran through both our minds repeatedly as we went through the closing process in March 2012… did I say repeatedly? I meant constantly. The more we looked at the house, the more we inspected it, the more things we found that had to updated, changed or straight out gotten rid of. And, what exactly was our plan? Were we going to live in it, rent it, flip it? Those questions also reverberated inside our heads, until….

Our first “overnight” at what we were then calling our “cabin” in Boulder changed our minds. We ate dinner listening to the creek. We sat and watched the sunset over the Flatirons until the stars appeared. In the morning the sunrise lit up the mountains in a pink glow, and we were hooked forever. Even the huge wind storm during the night, sleeping on an air bed with Wrigley and Rudder, and Rudder hurling up some dead animal he’d eaten at 2am, couldn’t dampen our excitement now!


First Dinner on the Deck

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