Over Grown

14 Feb

Over Grown
As our spring turned to summer in 2012 we realized we had a wildly overgrown 2.25 acres on our hands. We were struggling with our vision amidst all the growth, bugs infestations, dead trees, power lines and poison ivy. We needed a cleaner slate to work from to help us envision our future dream home. We embarked on a lot clearing, tree trimming, cleaning extravaganza that spread over several months!

There was one tree in particular that worried us. Sadly, a very old Cottonwood had not only grown over the house, but was laying on the roof and had rubbed off the shingles. Maybe it would crash in a wind storm and make our decisions on scraping v. remodeling easy? Maybe it would kill us in our sleep? 😦 We made the decision to have it removed. It was cut in chunks and removed by crane over the top of the house. Yikes! We mulched a pile as big as our garage and spent our summer spreading that cottonwood mulch over our paths and landscape.

Now That Was A Big Tree!

Now That Was A Big Tree!

One Response to “Over Grown”

  1. Jen February 14, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    I love that you’re writing a blog! What agreat idea. Please include lots of pictures because I haven’t been able to describe the property and views well. I really look forward to following your progress as your “cabin” transforms into a “McMansion”!

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