Power Down

7 Mar

While were waiting for our permit, Excel and Comcast got some really important work done. They buried the overhead power lines that ran through the backyard! A huge improvement was taking place before my very eyes. I have to give kudos to those Excel guys. They get’er done! About 4 trucks, 2 backhoes, and two bucket/ladder trucks arrived and they went to town digging, pulling wires, and resetting the new power feed to the house. It took two days on the trench and wire runs, one day when they popped off the old overhead wires and took everything live. They’ll be back next week to take out the old pole on the east side of my backyard! 

The only bad thing is we had to shut down all power to the house. Since were relocating where the main power trunk enters the house, a new breaker box had to be set, and the old one deleted. There are 4 temporary outlets on the outside of the house, but nothing in the house is live and won’t be until the whole thing gets rewired. I’m thinking there are going to be some really cold work days ahead when we get our spring snows 😦 


One Response to “Power Down”

  1. Terry March 17, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

    We are enjoying your posts. It sounds like you have faced your fair share of “challenges !

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