17 Aug

The Septic Company we hired bailed on us for Septic Install. Construction is so busy in CO right now we couldn’t find another company who could get us in without delaying us by months. So Darin took the state exam and passed! He’s now a certified septic installer! We hit groundwater at about 6 feet down, so we have a weighted tank and had to use a sump pump to keep the water out so we could place the tank!


Septics are a lot of work… this may be Darin’s first and last install… 



July Progress

1 Aug


Still Waiting for Stucco, but the front kitchen courtyard area is starting to take shape. July has been full of moving rock and dirt. The well cistern took a BIG hole! Thanks Darin, Cody and Jeremy!


It’s great to see some finish work start. This week we’ve had our tile guys, masons, stucco, and cabinet installers! 



We’ve got roughly 5-6 weeks left! We can’t wait to get back into our house. The big thing now is the Septic Install. We have no plumbing in the house until that’s finished. Darin is tackling that one himself. He took the test, and passed 🙂 and is now licensed and certified to do Septics! More dirt work, OH MY! Pictures to follow on that next week 🙂




May and June

1 Jul

So, I’ve been very bad about keeping up on my writing. 60 days have passed and a lot has happened! ImageImageImageMain Windows were cut in and the New Windows installed!

ImageThe House was wrapped in Tyvek and looks like a giant white marshmallow. The Windows have dark brown outside trim and raw wood interiors which we’ll stain to match the floors.

We even have soffits and a new shingles.

ImageImageImageStarting to look like a house now!

Darin and Dan did a creative and fabulous job finding a way to frame all the odd shapes and sizes this house has. Walls were off height from one end to another almost an inch when we started. To make the walls taller they added a header cap around the whole house then strapped it to the walls below. All of the rough HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical were installed. Then came the spray foam – whoo hoo! We passed our rough inspection without a hitch! Way to go Darin, Dan, Dan, Mike and Stan!


Creating the New Roofline

23 Apr

What can two guys and a forklift do in two days (with good weather?)



The the sheeting took a few more days. The wind was blowing so hard the plywood became like kites and almost flew the guys out to Kansas. After a few days off they got it all done and the house is “roughly” dried in. It will be much easier now for the final interior framing. I love the new height and peaks to the roofline!


Bye Bye Old Roof – Hello Snow

23 Apr

To achieve the look we want Darin (our builder extraordinaire) came up with a cool plan. We take off the old roof and all its framing. We add 12 inch header boards all the way around the top of the walls in the house to make taller walls. Then we put new trusses on that would allow for cathedral ceilings on the inside. Great Plan! They pulled the roof in about 3 hours and then worked on clean up the rest of the day….


Then the storm rolled in and it snows 2 days and leaves almost 2 feet…. inside my house!


This was after the snow clean up 😉

Demolition Begins

26 Mar

While I was in California visiting family the final permit was approved! The demolition is going strong now. All the drywall, wiring and plumbing have been torn out. Most of the siding is off and today the roof is going away! In the basement the plumbers cut up some of the floor to check the pipes finding that the main drain to the septic was old and crumbling. So, tack on some more money and let’s tear it all up and replace the whole thing!

I am starting to feel a bit like were in the money pit. We knew we’d find surprises that needed fixing or repair, but some of what we found when we pulled off the drywall was downright scary. For example, the front entry and guest bathroom were built over what used to be a deck. Literally they built right on the deck and just closed things in to look like it was properly framed, supported, insulated and finished space. No wonder that area was always so cold ;).

We also found some rotten areas behind the old showers, so in the long run I’m glad we pulled them out as well. Every fixture, wall, wire, pipe will be new in the house. Not to mention all insulation. That all actually gives me a sense of comfort, albeit at a pretty big price.

Tim and I went through the plans again and made some adjustments in the basement. Boulder County is requiring us to widen the hallway down there to bring it to code which means we had to completely gut the bathroom we installed this summer! Looking on the bright side, I will get a larger master bathroom!

After talking everything through this weekend (with much wine) Tim and I agree on the whole demolition process. While demo is fun and it shows so much progress and immediate satisfaction, it also opens up the problems lurking within, and stretches the bank. Budget? Ha, that house just laughed at our budget!ImageImageImage


Power Down

7 Mar

While were waiting for our permit, Excel and Comcast got some really important work done. They buried the overhead power lines that ran through the backyard! A huge improvement was taking place before my very eyes. I have to give kudos to those Excel guys. They get’er done! About 4 trucks, 2 backhoes, and two bucket/ladder trucks arrived and they went to town digging, pulling wires, and resetting the new power feed to the house. It took two days on the trench and wire runs, one day when they popped off the old overhead wires and took everything live. They’ll be back next week to take out the old pole on the east side of my backyard! 

The only bad thing is we had to shut down all power to the house. Since were relocating where the main power trunk enters the house, a new breaker box had to be set, and the old one deleted. There are 4 temporary outlets on the outside of the house, but nothing in the house is live and won’t be until the whole thing gets rewired. I’m thinking there are going to be some really cold work days ahead when we get our spring snows 😦